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Let us introduce you to a revolutionary technology called Corneal Refractive Therapy, a vision correction therapy that works while you sleep. Talk about a dream come true!

    • Freedom from eyeglasses or contacts

      Wake Up to Crystal Clear Vision

      Picture this: You wake from a restful night's sleep. But as you start your day, you notice something different. You can see without your glasses or contacts. And you haven't had surgery.

      Well, you're not dreaming. You're just experiencing Corneal Refractive Therapy with new Paragon CRT, nighttime vision correction that gives you freedom from glasses and contacts all day without refractive surgery.

      Proven results.

      Paragon CRT is a specially designed therapeutic device that gently and temporarily reshapes the cornea while you sleep. Through intense research and clinical testing, Paragon CRT has been proven both safe and effective for patients of all ages when worn during sleeping hours, earning this therapy FDA approval for nighttime use. The result for you is great vision 24 hours a day -- without the lenses during waking hours and while they're in at night -- with correction of myopia (nearsightedness) and myopia with astigmatism.

      The convenience you've been looking for

      No more torn lenses, no more broken frames, no more discomfort from dry eyes. Paragon CRT puts an end to these hassles. Whether you're playing sports, working in a dusty or windy environment, or simply applying makeup, with Corneal Refractive Therapy nothing stands between you and excellent vision. You just wear the Paragon CRT device while you sleep and remove it when you wake up -- it's that simple. And because you can stop the therapy at any time without permanent change to your eyes, you have ultimate control and flexibility in your vision correction.

      A clearer tomorrow

      Make life without glasses and daytime contacts a reality. Call us today and ask if Corneal Refractive Therapy with Paragon CRT is right for you. Because the next time you close you eyes, you could open them to a whole new world.

    • No surgery -- reversible
    • Approved for children and adults
Imagine seeing clearly at a distance without wearing glasses or contact lenses! Corneal Refractive Therapy is a non-surgical process clinically developed to reshape the cornea and correct nearsightedness with or without astigmatism.

A unique therapeutic device, Paragon CRT™, developed with the latest technology to gently reshape the cornea, is worn only while you sleep. The result is clear vision without contact lenses or glasses during your daily activities.

You may qualify for Corneal Refractive Therapy if you:

    • Wear glasses or contact lenses for nearsightedness and require a correction of -0.50D to -6.00D with up to -1.75D of astigmatism.
    • Do not have any existing eye disease or disorder.

We are certified to provide this professional service. Call us today for more information, 304/525-4819.


What is Paragon CRT?
Paragon CRT is a specially designed oxygen permeable therapeutic device used in Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT).

What is CRT?
Corneal Refractive Therapy is a technologically advanced, non-invasive, non-surgical process that reshapes the cornea while you sleep. You remove the device when you awake and are able to go throughout the day without any other correction.

Is Paragon CRT new?
While corneal reshaping is not a new concept, Paragon CRT is the one corneal reshaping modality with proven safety and efficacy and the first to earn FDA approval for nighttime Corneal Refractive Therapy.

Is CRT permanent?
No. It's temporary. If you stop wearing the device, your vision will return to its original state in as little as 72 hours.

Can everyone wear Paragon CRT?
Noo, not everyone. This device is designed for individuals with low to moderate myopia (nearsightedness up to -6.00 diopters) without astigmatism (up to -1.75 diopters). There are no age restrictions for Paragon CRT, which makes it a great option for everyone in the family. However, since there are variations in patient physiology and visual needs, the decision for CRT, at any age, can only be made after a thorough eye exam and the recommendations of the eye care professional.

How long does it take to reach and maintain good vision throughout waking hours?
Most patients have rapid improvement in the first few days of treatment and achieve nearly their optimum vision in 7 to 14 days.

What do I do to see adequately in the period of time between when I start CRT and when I achieve full treatment?
During this transitional period, you may insert your Paragon CRT device for part of the day or use temporary soft lenses. Your eye care practitioner will discuss your best option with you.

Are there any risks involved with wearing Paragon CRT?
There is a small risk involved when any such device is worn, but there were no adverse events observed in the Paragon CRT FDA clinical study.

Can I see with my Paragon CRT device in?
Yes. One of the great features of Paragon CRT is you will be able to see clearly with your device on and off!

How often will I have to replace my Paragon CRT?
Generally speaking the Paragon CRT device will have to be replaced yearly.

How do I care for my Paragon CRT?
Your device should be disinfected after every use. Your eye care practitioner will instruct you about which care system is best for you.

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