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  • Picking out new glasses at our office is now easy, fun, and informative.
  • CyberEye DemoWith CyberEYESVTO, you can look forward to the latest technology in choosing the right glasses for you and your family.
  • CyberEYESVTO lets you see yourself in the frames of your choice. Compare frames side by side to eliminate the need for a tag along friend. Need a second opinion? Email the image to your sister in California or to your spouse overseas.
  • Our site lets you choose from thousands of frames to give you the selection you desire.

How it works

During your visit to our office we will capture an image of you and upload it to our web site. A password will be emailed to you to log in from the comfort and convenience of your home or office to shop for new frames. Perhaps you are thinking of a special pair for golf or computer use. Save favorites to a wish list or have them reserved in our office for your next visit.

CyberEYESVTO lets you simulate lens options such as A/R for a wide variety of fashion tints to enhance and protect your vision while expressing your individual style.

CyberEYESVTO educates and gives you the confidence to make your selections. You will be able to see exactly how your glasses are going to look when you receive them.

Same Level of Professional Service!

Our office takes pride in making sure your glassesare optimal for your needs and lifestyle. All products on the VTO are 100% backed by our office. We ensure that each lens is measured precisely and that you are satisfied with each purchase. If you participate in an insurance plan, you can still browse online and RESERVE frames for try on in our office – you will be notified when your RESERVE frames arrives in our office. When you make your final selection, insurance benefits will be honored. In the Shopping Cart, check the RESERVE box instead of the PURCHASE box and you will only pay a small reserve fee of $NN.nnto order the frame. We will process your insurance benefits and the balance of the payment in our office when you pick up your finished frame.


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